Our Mission is to provide local and worldwide support in the areas of healthcare, including financial aid, safety, legal support and education to families and children who have suffered a burn or related injury. We support the development of self-sustainable communities worldwide through partnerships and teamwork.

The Humanitarian Assistance Manual (visit site) is a step by step guide to obtaining humanitarian assistance and access to various organizations that can help an individual in need of serious medical treatment. This manual is unique in that it is completely comprehensive and the appendix includes information on organizations in almost every country across the globe. This guide is a valuable asset to organizations and individuals working in the humanitarian sector.

Burn Treatment, Training and Telemedicine Program supports medical communities in developing countries. This program has been developed in response to the overwhelming requests for aid from burn victims and medical communities worldwide. The Program includes transporting physicians from various areas of the world to our main burn center in California for extensive training in burn care. The program also provides training videos and computer software programs. Finally, the program provides equipment to support telemedicine communications, in turn, developing a network of medical personnel to volunteer and offer guidance in complicated cases.

On December 4, 2012 in Kusuri, Indonesia, the Grossman Burn Foundation (GBF) launched the first ever international burn treatment program utilizing telemedicine technology.  Through the use of a high-definition satellite video link, medical personnel were able to consult with surgeons at the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, CA on the treatment of seriously injured patients who lacked access to specialized medical care.  Local doctors and medical staff were trained on the use of the technology, which will remain in Indonesia for their use under the GBF’s “Burn Treatment, Training and Telemedicine (TTT) Pilot Program.” 

Project Faith is the Grossman Burn Foundation’s ongoing patient care program originally named after Faith Wanjugo. Faith, a mother of three, suffered debilitating burn injuries to her arms and face while working as a volunteer cook in Kenya, Africa. The surgeons at the Grossman Burn Centers generously donated their services and after nine reconstructive surgeries and rigorous physical and psychological rehabilitation, gave Faith her life back. “We are in the business of helping people and restoring lives. To be able to bring that level of care to deserving people here in the United States, as well as, disadvantaged parts of the world is truly gratifying”, Dr. Peter H. Grossman.

The Stop Violence Against Women Globally Campaign is a vocal petition / documentary which will serve as a tool to help educate communities on how acts of love and respect will always prevail over violent and abusive behavior. These materials will be translated and distributed worldwide through clinics and hospitals, including those involved in our Triage Training Program. The goal is to reduce domestic violence globally by raising awareness and providing educational support.

On a local level, the Grossman Burn Foundation supports community education and prevention efforts and meets the needs of burn victims and their families who receive treatment at the Grossman Burn Center, which serves communities throughout Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura and Kern counties in California and Phoenix Arizona, through two major programs. The first is our Local Community Outreach Initiative which includes prevention awareness, related activities and partnerships with agencies working in the public safety, education and healthcare sectors to raise awareness for parents, professionals and other key groups that work with communities on how they can prevent burn injuries. The second is Grossman Burn Foundation's Patient Supportive Services and Assistance Program. This program is being developed to provide a continuum of care and support for burn victims while they are receiving treatment at a Grossman Burn Center (in Orange, Los Angeles and Kern counties) and their families who need emergency and/or on-going assistance to meet specific and immediate needs. Support Services may include temporary housing for victims and loved ones, food, clothing, transportation, counseling, peer support and other basic needs.

We have developed program partnerships, in turn, providing much needed support to a number of burn foundations, premier burn survivor support groups and humanitarian organizations both locally and worldwide, such as: Angel Faces, Arizona Burn Foundation, Bakersfield Firefighters Burn Foundation, International Friends of Compassion, The Aschiana Foundation, The Circle of Care Burn Foundation, The Lamia Afghan Foundation.

Additionally, we maintain program partnerships with Direct Relief International (DRI), Disaster Relief Technologies, Marshall Plan Charities (MPC), The Bayat Foundation, USAWC, Cars4Causes, Global Relief Technologies, Hospital Corporations of America, International Friends of Compassion, The Circle of Care Burn Foundation, The Grossman Burn Centers, LLC, The Henry Schein Cares Foundation, U.S.-Afghan Women's Council.

Grossman Burn Foundation also developed the www.burnsafety.com website.